I am sitting on a plane headed back home to New York City. Sometimes when I sit and think about the direction my life is headed I focus on the future. I wonder what type of job I’ll end up with. If I’ll stay in the city for the rest of my life. The list could be endless. The truth is I have no idea what I’ll be doing tomorrow or if I’ll have that “dream job” or the perfect girlfriend.

I don’t know what is in store for me. But I know that I can control my reaction to life as it happens around me. I have a choice to react positively or negatively. I accept that there are many things out of my control, but I seize the things I can control. The opportunity that has been given to me is not going to be wasted. I wait for life to present itself, and it’s up to me to grab hold of what makes me a useful person. I choose to live each day with enthusiasm. With an energy that nobody can take from me. This is what I have control over.

There is something inside of me that I have built that nobody can ever take from me. You can take away my property, you can take away my obsessions, my relationships, my possessions, my job – you can take away everything that I have gotten or have been given. But you can’t take away my spirit. 

You can’t touch my love for those around me. You can try to rip away everything that you think brings me happiness. You can do your best to strip me down to my bones. You barely scratch the surface though. I am the only one who can steal my usefulness to my fellows, the only one who can strip away my happiness. 

This is all I can control. I can hope that my behavior can help bring the positive out of somebody else. I’ll keep smiling. I’ll keep showing up for everyone that needs or wants me. I’ll be there for anyone that asks. I strive for progress, not perfection. I will be trustworthy. I will make every effort to be the best son, brother, uncle, friend and person that I can be. Not because I have to but because I want to. 

I want to make you smile. I want to live with energy. I want to steal every glimpse of the beauty that I see and keep it in my heart. I want to be better every day. It doesn’t stop. It’s one step at a time. One moment at a time.

And when I see the brightness in others eyes, the joy in others hearts, the passion in others work, I know that I have changed my perspective for the better. I know that the brightness was always there, it’s just now that I’m able to see it.


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