Don’t give them everything you’ve got

People will ask you for everything

don’t give it to them

They will ask you to share your deepest desires with them

hold on to them

They will want you to know it is safe to speak to them

speak sparingly

Others will ask you to tell them how you feel

do not lie | tell half-truths

The questions others ask are not fully formed

but they will expect your answers to be

They will judge you for what you reveal

reveal cautiously

But you must reveal everything to someone

so reveal it to yourself

Ask yourself how you feel

answer honestly

Ask yourself to reveal what you really think about yourself

reveal everything you can

Ask yourself what your deepest fears are

let go of them

Ask yourself if you can help ease the load

give part of yourself away

Do not give people exactly what they want when they ask for it. People do not know what they want from you, they cannot begin to predict what your answers will be. But you cannot keep your true self hidden — take a moment to reflect, look at your life and be honest with yourself. When you are ready, you will know how to answer the questions of others. You will be prepared to speak without caution. You will know yourself, and thus you will not fear what comes out from your mouth. Your words will be the truth, edited perhaps, but the truth. They will ask you again for everything — give them everything you have prepared and keep a little for later. Everybody likes a surprise…

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