Every Day I See the Sun

When I sit and reflect on what my life means to me today I am in awe. Not because of what I have accomplished but because of the amount of compassion and understanding I have been shown by other people throughout the year. I believe a good measure of a person is found in the people that he impacts and, to a greater degree, the amount of people he allows to impact him. This year you people have shown me the true nature of understanding and love. It had been lost on me for many years but it was always waiting in your hearts. I can see you vividly now and I wish to continue seeing the brightness in each one of your smiles. If I were to have but one gift on this day it would be that you go out and make today meaningful – that you find a way to be a positive influence on somebody other than yourself. That today and each day following you allow the sun to shine within you so that others may see the great possibilities that this world has to offer. Go out into this world and make your mark on today – and give freely of yourself knowing that love will always find its way back to you. 

Rhett Burch

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