I make so many mistakes in various ways that it’s almost embarrassing. In reality though, I am rarely embarrassed when I make a mistake simply because I am always open to advice from others and am continually striving to learn from my mistakes. The reason this is effective is because it takes actual action and effort to practice this – I have never successfully found a way to forgive myself and at the same time improve myself by seeking shortcuts.

What I have learned is that the thing that often holds me back is the feeling that I have failed myself or someone else and no matter what I do I can never get over that failure/mistake. This is just a complex excuse to get out of taking action but it is very effective. I am very talented at convincing myself that my efforts will always be in vain so I might as well give up. This is never true – there is always a way to forgive myself.

One reason I know this is because I have practiced it in some difficult situations. I have chosen to sit face to face with people whom I had harmed in various ways in my past and I acknowledged my mistakes all the while not knowing what the other persons reaction would be. In order to do something like this I have to be ready for the possibility that my amends may not be enough for someone and they may never forgive me, and I have to accept that or else I will find it very difficult to move forward.

I have to find the part of me that has shown through action, not words, that I am fully committed to improving myself each day. The mistakes I make are no different than the mistakes of others, and when I have put in the maximum effort to show myself and others that I truly want to improve and enhance my life it makes it incredibly easier to forgive myself and others have a tendency to see that change I believe in my sincerity.

What I have found to be the most crucial moment is the time when I am stuck somewhere in between. If I take a day off of practicing these principals I have two options: I can beat myself up, sit in self-pity and believe the absurd notion that I am some sort of failure or I can in many ways erase the mistakes of yesterday by getting up and doing what I know I need to do today.

When I take action in my life I convince myself that I am worth something. When I seize each moment to be of service and show gratitude and humility I prove to myself that I have something worth keeping. What happens naturally is that other people begin to notice that change.

This works! I know because I spent 10 years of making mistake after mistake and never making any attempt to show that I wasn’t the sum of my mistakes. In 10 months I have taken such intense action towards correcting my mistakes that I don’t have to tell people how I feel, they can see it on my face. They see it in my actions and my enthusiasm. The thing that can drive many of us into apathy or depression is the inability to forgive ourselves for past behavior and in a sense believing it too late to come back. It is never too late. By taking action today we can begin to erase the mistakes of our past. It starts when you want it to – When you want a life full of freedom, fulfillment and enthusiasm it is yours, you just have to take it.

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