How does one change? Others often tell me how much I have changed. There has been a swift change in my perspective – an occurrence that ‘s hard to explain. I believe that to make radical changes in my life I had to make radical changes! It sounds simple, or at least, it seems simple. What is not so surprising is that in the past whenever I had claimed that I wanted to change something in my life I had always tried to find the easiest way to change. I was convinced, somehow, that I could make changes in my life by putting in minimal effort. This does not work.  It is a painful process – it is challenging. What often happens is I retreat into an easier, softer way – instead of dealing with character defects I pretended that they weren’t there or simply hoped they would go away, but they never do. In fact, with time these defects grow out of control and the pressure is often too intense to bear. When I allow these defects to go untreated, I drift into isolation. Here comes the secret! If I honestly want to improve my life and finally face my demons I have to do things that make me uncomfortable. I have to stop behaving the way I once did. Everything that seemed to “complete” me had to go – I had to make radical changes. And doing things that make me uncomfortable are a subtle price to pay. Invariably, when I do the things that I know are healthy for me mentally, physically and spiritually I feel better. The turnaround is remarkable – and it is radical. There are no shortcuts, no handouts. It takes action, it takes effort and resiliency. This is the only way I know how to make effective changes in my life. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. The easy route doesn’t pay off – 

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