Owning the day

There are moments throughout the day when the easiest and seemingly the most sensible response to disappointment or frustration is to lash out – to conjure up scenarios that place the blame on someone or something else. I am capable of inventing innumerable scenarios where I am not at fault when things go awry. The reality is, I never have to look past my own front door to find the source of any disappointment or frustration. The want to remove the spotlight from myself by magnifying the fault in others does not yield the response I believe at the moment it does. In fact, this behavior magnifies my own faults – an added assurance that I am generally the cause of my sorrow and I am also the cause of my joy. When I allow myself to find this new perspective, a perspective that does not allow me to find excuses, I find that existence is a much more liberating experience. I at once take responsibility for my shortcomings, take advice regarding where I am mistaken, and take the necessary action to avoid these pitfalls in the future. By accepting the fault in myself I find the ability to forgive myself, forgive others and recognize the struggle that others experience. My struggle is not unique to me – the world is not against me. When I believe that all of the negativity in my life is caused by outsiders I am surely at the height of ego – as if the outside world had the time to concern itself with my mood. When I fully work this belief into my day I find that I can accept disappointment much easier – I can control my anger and frustration, many times not experiencing either at all. When I stop pointing the finger at others and stop blaming the world for my situation I can better understand that I am here to improve myself first. I am not concerned with the failures of others, it has no relevance to me. There is no excuse, there is only action, and it is up to me to seize it.

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